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Director's Council

Headshot of Brad Blondes [View Image]

Brad Blondes

VP, Global Head of Brand Creative & Design MetLife
Headshot of Kristen Cavallo [View Image]

Kristen Cavallo

CEO, The Martin Agency
Headshot of Michael Chaney [View Image]

Michael Chaney

President & COO, Sephina Spirits
Headshot of Carl Desir [View Image]

Carl Desir

Director of Inclusion Strategy, Netflix
Headshot of Hermon Ghermay [View Image]

Hermon Ghermay

Global Chief Culture Officer, Mediabrands
Headshot of Amber Guild [View Image]

Amber Guild

President, T Brand / The New York Times
Headshot of Ben Hughes [View Image]

Ben Hughes

VP, Creative, Squarespace
Headshot of Sloane Humphrey [View Image]

Sloane Humphrey

Head of B2B Marketing Communications and Industry Relations — N. America, TikTok
Headshot of Howard Jordan, Jr. [View Image]

Howard Jordan, Jr.

TV Writer / Producer, CBS, Netflix, BET
Headshot of Daryl Lee [View Image]

Daryl Lee

Global Chief Executive Officer, Mediabrands
Headshot of Val Middleton [View Image]

Val Middleton

Head of Marketing, Curry Brand - Under Armour
Headshot of Pam Kiecker Royall [View Image]

Pam Kiecker Royall

Head of Research, Enrollment Services, EAB
Headshot of Peter Sherman [View Image]

Peter Sherman

Executive Vice President, Omnicom Group
Headshot of Sherice Guillory Torres [View Image]

Sherice Guillory Torres

VP of Marketing, Facebook Financial
Headshot of Khartoon Weiss [View Image]

Khartoon Weiss

Head of Global Agency & Accounts, TikTok
Headshot of Rich Whalen [View Image]

Rich Whalen

Managing Director Deloitte Digital
Headshot of Ali Wysong [View Image]

Ali Wysong

Account Executive, Waze / Google
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