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Corporate EducationOpen Enrollment Programs

Below is a list of the many programs we offer throughout the year. Currently all courses offered through the end of 2020 will be taught in real time, online to meet social distancing requirements.  The Center believes that people learn best when they play an active role in their experience. To ensure active engagement, all virtual classes will be facilitated by an instructor in real-time – meaning you will be able to talk with them, ask questions, and collaborate as you would in the classroom. Using Zoom and other platforms, we are creating a learning space where participants can talk to each other through breakout rooms and interact with the material through our Learning Management System (LMS).

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  • Building & Rebuilding Trust in Organizations: Practice applying proven strategies for both building and rebuilding more trusting relationships and organizations.
  • Coaching for Leaders and Managers: Enhance your leadership and management skills through our structured approach to coaching.
  • Creating Customer Loyalty: Learn both awareness and specific skill building techniques to enhancing customer experience.
  • Creative Problem Solving: Learn how to apply creative problem-solving frameworks that support innovative thinking to overcome obstacles and meet goals.
  • Cultivating Your Leadership Style: Explore the steps to nourishing and growing yourself as a leader and the individuals on your team.
  • Effective Communication using DISC Styles: Using the DISC, learn how to communicate more effectively with people who are different from you. 
  • HR Essentials: Ideal for those who are new to HR, want to secure employment in HR, are small business owners, or are managers with HR responsibilities.
  • Lean Six Sigma: Reduce defects and improve your bottom line through this proven methodology that gives data a voice to solve problems across organizations.
  • Lunch & Learns: Eat and enjoy our dynamic speaker line-up while getting a taste of our program offerings.
  • Leading Effective Teams: Explore how a supervisor can build and develop a great team.
  • Leading in Crisis: Develop your skills in leading a team through crisis and change
  • Leading Through Chaos: Enhance your effectiveness and the functioning of your organization in profit, non-profit and government settings.
  • Mastering Management: Build essential skills for managing money, people and your career. Each class includes an individual one hour coaching session.
  • Project Management: Gain an overview of project management essentials or prepare for the PMP® exam.
  • Seeing Your Team: Take a deep dive into your team's strengths and weaknesses
  • SHRM Exam Prep: Prepare for the the SHRM-CP/SHRM-SCP℠ exam through our comprehensive 12-week program. 
  • Unconscious Bias in the Workplace: Understand the concepts of unconscious bias and microaggression.

Programming Calendar

Througout the year the Center for Corporate Education offers technical and essential skills workshops to meet professional development needs.  Our programs and workshops are realtime learning experiences, with your instructor facilitating content live with lecture, collaborative exercises, and individual projects. We encourage you to sign up for our mailing list to recieve an invite to register for the workshop or visit our Upcoming Programs feed for more details.

For more details on each course, costs, and registration time lines, select the course from the Open Enrollment Programs list above.

Fall Courses (September - December 2020)
All courses will be offered virtually, in real time to meet social distrancing requirements.

  • SHRM Exam Prep (September - December)
  • Project Management Essentials (September and October)
  • Project Management Exam Prep (September and November)
  • Leading in Crisis (October)
  • Coaching for Leaders and Managers (October)
  • Lean Six Sigma - Green Belt (October)
  • Unconscious Bias in the Workplace (October)
  • Cultivating Your Leadership Style (October)
  • Seeing Your Team: Diving in their Strenghts (November)

Spring Courses (January - May 2021)
All courses will be offered virtually, in real time to meet social distrancing requirements.

  • SHRM Exam Prep (January - April)
  • Lean Six Sigma - Green Belt (Feburary)
  • Coaching for Leaders and Managers (February)
  • Project Management Essentials (March)
  • Project Management Exam Prep (March)
  • Managing and Delegating Remotely (March)
  • HR Essentials (April)
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