Capital Assets & Real Estate (CARE)

CARE provides negotiation, management and administrative services for Virginia Commonwealth University


We manage the acquisition and disposition of real property in an effort to meet the growth initiatives outlined in the VCU Master Site Plan.

Property Management

We oversee property management for space leased by VCU and the VCU Real Estate Foundation.


We provide negotiation, management and administrative services for Virginia Commonwealth University.

Focus areas

Developing community relations and long-term investment strategies that support the image and involvement of the university within Richmond, the region and the state of Virginia.

Collaborating with community project planning efforts to develop key partnerships for investment for campus projects that impact the local community and VCU.

Handling real estate related media contacts, community dispute mediation, and collaboration with project participants.

Budgeting, forecasting and monitoring accounts for leasing and development.

Directing and championing complex land development and redevelopment projects.

Directing and monitoring all aspects of zoning and legal issues.

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