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Heather Jones, PhD

Heather Jones [View Image]

Assistant Professor
VCU Dept of Psychology
(804) 828-5641

Dr. Jones' psychology department web page
Families and Mental Health Research Lab

My program of research is largely centered on improving our understanding of and interventions for children with mental health problems and their families, with an emphasis on understudied populations with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). By utilizing varied methods of data collection (e.g., structured dyadic observations, clinical interviews, self- and other-report questionnaires) in diverse research settings (e.g., laboratory, pediatric primary care clinic), I have focused my career on three main areas of scientific inquiry, all of which investigate the functioning of: (a) parents of children with ADHD; (b) African American children with ADHD and other mental health problems; and (c) adult women with ADHD. Given that African American children and their families less likely to receive accurate mental health diagnoses and receive appropriate treatment than their White peers, a key area of my research is focused on better describing mental health and parenting in these families, as well as investigating how to improve engagement in evidence-based treatment.

Finally, I co-direct the federally funded Primary Care Psychology Training Collaborative (PCPTC), which provides integrated primary care training for graduate students in our clinical and counseling psychology doctoral programs. The PCPTC is comprised of supervising faculty and graduate students who are providing behavioral health services to low income, primarily racial and ethnic minority (including refugees and undocumented immigrants) children, adolescents and adults at primary care practices in Richmond, Va.

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