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The Commonwealth Graduate Engineering Program (CGEP) offers engineers and other professionals the opportunity to take graduate courses that cover a variety of research topics through Computer Science, Electrical and Computer Engineering, and Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering departments. Course lectures and discussions are led by VCU engineering faculty and serve as a foundation for acquiring meaningful and valuable experiences.

Our Academic Team

The CGEP Team at VCU includes members from each academic department, the Dean’s office (the Office of Graduate Studies), Marketing and Communications, and Information Technology (IT). Together, we strive to provide quality customer service that meets the needs of every student, regardless of location or university affiliation. Below is a list of CGEP contacts

Image of Dr. Triplett [View Image]

Gregory Triplett, Ph.D.

VCU CGEP Director
Office of Graduate Studies

Photo of Thang Dinh [View Image]

Thang Dinh, Ph.D.

CGEP Coordinator (Program Admission, Curriculum)
Computer Science

Portrait of Sherif Abdelwahed, CGEP Coordinator [View Image]

Sherif Abdelwahed, Ph.D.

CGEP Coordinator (Program Admission, Curriculum)
Electrical and Computer Engineering

Photo of Dr. Mossi [View Image]

Karla Mossi, Ph.D.

CGEP Coordinator (Program Admission, Curriculum)
Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering

Lori A. Floyd-Miller

Graduate Program Coordinator

Kelton Rasmussen

Academic Affairs Program Analyst

Phone: (804) 828-0266
Virginia Commonwealth University
College of Engineering
601 West Main Street
Richmond, Virginia 23284-3068
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