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 The Richmond, VA skyline with the study acronym (FOR-RVA) superimposed. Also contains the following text: The Families of Richmond, VA Study: Dedicated to understanding the children and families in our community. [View Image]

Meet the FoRVA team:

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 Marcia Winter, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
VCU Psychology
Robin Everhart, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
VCU Psychology


FoR-VA (Families of Richmond, Virginia): The overall aim of the FoR-VA study was to learn how children and families adapt and cope with daily challenges. We were concerned with diverse individual, dyadic, family, and broader contextual risk and protective factors for child emotional and immune health outcomes. We also planned to learn more about how these processes work in children with chronic inflammatory illness (asthma) and without.  Families who participated in the FoR-VA study were invited to our research suite in the city of Richmond, where we conducted a series of interviews and observational activities. 

The Families of Richmond, VA Extension (FoR-VA-X) study examined links between children’s daily stress and their immune profiles. FoR-VA-X invited participants from the larger FoR-VA study. This project was funded by a Presidential Research Quest Fund award from VCU. 



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