Mission and Vision

The College of Health Professions serves as an international leader in the education of excellent, innovative and responsible allied health professionals. The College, responsive to the needs of society, promotes excellence in healthcare service, and encourages collaborative research that generates state-of-the-art and specialized knowledges. Educational formats that are technologically advanced and accessible to students through on-campus and distance learning are emphasized.

The College is an integral part of Virginia Commonwealth University and its Medical College of Virginia campus. The College recognizes the importance of being accountable to the students and their families, the Commonwealth, faculty, staff, alumni/alumnae, and other benefactors by using resources effectively. Strong linkages with clinical educators, preceptors, and the community are essential to the success of the College.

The College fosters fair and equitable work responsibilities and compensation to faculty and staff. It nurtures continuous growth in their knowledge base and productivity. The College furnishes an accessible, secure, and pleasant physical setting that enhances the cohesion, interaction and morale of the students, faculty, and staff.

The College serves and represents its member departments. It is organized in a decentralized structure that empowers the departments to achieve leadership in each of their respective disciplines. The College derives its strength from professional diversity that is based upon cooperative interdisciplinary education, research, and service.

In pursuit of this vision, the College emphasizes the following values:

ACCOUNTABILITY: We take responsibility for our attitudes, actions, and judgements.

EXCELLENCE: We practice and promote the highest standard of quality performance and care of the individual.

COOPERATION: We collaborate through the practice of open communication, trust, and respect.

FULFILLMENT OF POTENTIAL: We facilitate continual professional development and personal growth.

DIGNITY OF THE INDIVIDUAL: We respect the value and uniqueness of each individual.

INNOVATION: We encourage and support creativity.

ENJOYMENT: We value internal well-being, creative enrichment, and a spirit of joyfulness.

INTEGRITY: We conduct ourselves in a forthright and honorable manner as demonstrated by actions that are honest and trustworthy.