Our Team

Susan Parish head shot 1200x1800 [View Image]

Susan Parish, PhD

Dean, College of Health Professions

Email: parishs@vcu.edu

Debra Ropelewski [View Image]

Debra Ropelewski

Senior Associate Dean for Finance and Administration

Email: daropele@vcu.edu

Headshot of Amy Armstrong [View Image]

Amy J. Armstrong, PhD, CRC

Associate Dean of Faculty Development

Associate Professor

Phone: 804-827-0913

Email: ajarmstr@vcu.edu

Angela Duncan picture for bio page [View Image]

Angela Duncan, PhD

Associate Dean for Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity

Email: duncanas2@vcu.edu

A head shot of Alena Hampton [View Image]

Alena C. Hampton, PhD, LCP

Associate Dean for Student Success

Assistant Professor

Phone: (804) 628-2660

Email: achampton@vcu.edu

pic of Dr. Daniel Lee [View Image]

Shoou-Yih "Daniel" Lee, PhD

Senior Associate Dean For Research and Strategic Initiatives

Professor and Interim Chairperson for Physical Therapy

Phone: 804-828-5216

Email: leesd@vcu.edu

Lauretta Cathers [View Image]

Lauretta Cathers, PhD

Program Director, BSHS and PhD in Health Related Sciences

Assistant Professor

Phone: 804-827-0912

Email: s2lasaff@vcu.edu

T. Greg Prince, Ed.D. [View Image]

T. Greg Prince, EdD

Senior director of development

Email: tgprince@vcu.edu

Picture of Beth Ayers [View Image]

Beth Williamson Ayers

Director of External Relations

Phone: (804) 828-8662

Email: bwayers@vcu.edu

Brenda Morris [View Image]

Brenda Morris

Director of research administration

Email: brmorris@vcu.edu

picture of Jeff Lodge [View Image]

Jeff Lodge

Director of Information Technology and Facilities

Phone: 804-828-2114

Email: jrlodge@vcu.edu

pic of Malorie Burkett [View Image]

Malorie Burkett, MS, CDMP

Director of Communications

Email: mgburkett@vcu.edu

A headshot of Michael Forder [View Image]

Michael Forder, MEd

Director of E-Learning

Phone: 804-828-6726

Email: mjforder@vcu.edu

Picture of Chelsea Gary [View Image]

Chelsea Gary

Director of Recruitment and Student Programs

Email: garycs@vcu.edu

Picture of Eliza Callahan [View Image]

Eliza Callahan

Director for Academic Advising

Email: callahane@vcu.edu

A headshot of Patricia Mayfield [View Image]

Patricia Porter-Mayfield, MA

Senior Executive Assistant to Dean

Phone: 804-828-3290

Email: plporter@vcu.edu

A headshot of Candace Drew [View Image]

Candace Raigns, MBA

HR administrator

Email: drewcl@vcu.edu

A headshot of Brianna Anderson [View Image]

Brianna Anderson

Human Resources Coordinator

Phone: 804-628-4316

Email: andersonbc5@vcu.edu

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Lauren Mortensen

Senior Program Specialist

Phone: 804-628-5298

Email: lcmortensen@vcu.edu

Zachery Royer personal photo [View Image]

Zachery Royer

IT Analyst

Distance Education Support

Phone: 804-828-0637

Email: zdroyer@vcu.edu

A headshot of Kyle Whitlow [View Image]

Kyle Whitlow

Senior IT Analyst

Phone: 804-828-5003

Email: tkwhitlow@vcu.edu

A headshot of Jacklyn Lewis [View Image]

Jacklyn Lewis

E-Learning Course Builder

Email: lewisjn@vcu.edu

A headshot of Chris Hutchinson [View Image]

Chris Hutchinson

IT Analyst

Mac Administrator

Phone: 804-828-2724

Email: hutchisoncm@vcu.edu

A headshot of Anna Tunnell [View Image]

Anna Tunnell

Phone: 828-5214

Email: tunnellak@vcu.edu

Picture of Brent Sprouse [View Image]

Brent Sprouse

Building and Operations Manager

Phone: 804-828-4618

Email: bgsprouse@vcu.edu

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Paola Suazo, BS

Administrative Coordinator

Phone: (804) 828-7247

Email: suazope@vcu.edu