Innovative and flexible education

Our distance-learning programs are crafted to provide opportunities to students who might benefit from nontraditional course structures and schedules.

Distance learning

The VCU College of Health Professions was one of the first institutions in the country to recognize the value of distance learning. We continue to lead the way in developing new approaches that offer flexible education opportunities to all students.

Distance learning encompasses a wide range of educational experiences. It can consist of online coursework, supplemented with discussion boards and on-campus sessions. It can entail establishing satellite sites for instruction to meet workforce demands in rural areas and various industries. It can mean crafting new and flexible approaches for delivering curricula to meet the ever-changing needs of the health care industry.

Our distance-learning offerings are primarily hybrid/blended-learning programs that combine on-campus/on-site and online learning for students to earn a:

  • Bachelor of Science
  • Master of Science
  • Graduate certificate
  • Joint graduate certificate
  • Doctoral degree

The college uses primarily asynchronous distance education, wherein students learn the same material at different times and in different locations, but some programs and courses make extensive use of synchronous education. Our instructors are adept at the use of the Blackboard course management system and Blackboard learning tools. For many of the courses in both synchronous and asynchronous programs, on-campus presentations by faculty are course-casted, recorded and archived for student review and study on their computer or mobile learning device (e.g., iTouch or iPad) at any time.

Full distance-learning programs are available in eight of our nine departments, and all departments have courses that are available to distance learners.