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Clark-Hill Institute for Positive Youth Development


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Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) & Human-Animal Interaction

The goals of this study are to develop and pilot a new measure of children’s exposure to animal maltreatment and to examine relations between adverse childhood experiences, human-animal interaction and child adjustment.

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The McLeod and Sutherland labs features three studies related to improving outcomes for preschool and early elementary students with problem behaviors.

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Causes and Consequences of Adolescents’ Exposure to Community Violence

This project was designed to further knowledge and understanding of exposure to violence during adolescence and its impact on adjustment and externalizing problem behaviors.

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Culturally Enhancing a Motivational Interviewing Intervention for Latinx Adolescents

This project aims to culturally enhance a motivational interviewing intervention and to explore how cultural factors influence Latinx adolescents' tobacco use.

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Healthy Communities for Youth

This project aims to implement and evaluate the impact of a comprehensive community-level youth violence prevention strategy in three high-risk urban communities. Additionally, the project monitors youth violence rates and characteristics in the city of Richmond. Read more and access youth violence surveillance reports.

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Homework, Organization & Planning Skills

Organization, time-management, planning skills and the ability to focus and complete work efficiently are critical to adolescent school success.

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LGBTQ+ Youth and Pets Project

This research seeks to understand whether and how pet ownership relates to wellbeing in LGBTQ+ young people, and whether human-animal interaction operates as a protective factor in this population.

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‌Middle School Bullying Prevention Program

This four-year project funded by the National Institute of Justice will support the continued implementation of the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program in two Richmond middle schools and will collect data to assess the program's proximal and distal outcomes.

Risk and Protective Factors for Aggression During Adolescence

The goal of this project is to inform prevention efforts by identifying risk and protective factors that influence the development and maintenance of aggressive behavior and those that promote prosocial behavior.

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A fast growing body of research suggests that sleep may play a role in adolescent school success. This study will provide important information that will inform best-practice sleep guidelines for schools and families.

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Tobacco Use Prevention: Culturally-Specific Protective Processes in College Students With Asthma

The purpose of this project is to minimize tobacco use and exposure in African American and Latinx college students with asthma.

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