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Third-Party Applications 

What is a third-party application?

Third-party refers to another company making software for the original vendor’s product. For example, VCU contracts with Google for their product, G Suite. G Suite offers built-in apps like Google Sheets. Other companies may provide applications or “add-ons” that provide advanced features for Google Sheets such as removing duplicates or mail merge. These would be considered third-party applications.

Trusted Applications

The university has some trusted third-party applications available in the Faculty/Staff domain that interface with G Suite. Some applications require that departments purchase licenses, and others are available to VCU faculty/staff at no cost. If an application requires a purchased license, please contact Technology Services before purchasing as there may be volume discounts available.

Currently trusted third-party applications:

Smartsheet - recommended partner solution for project and process management

Yet Another Mail Merge - create email campaigns with Gmail and Google Sheets 

Account Security

Each third-party application has its own Terms of Service. Anyone using these apps must still adhere to VCU policies and procedures when using their account.

Third party applications keep their access until you revoke it. If you don’t use a service or application anymore, you should remove its access. Use this link view the applications that have access to your VCU G Suite account:

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