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About MFYC


The Mary and Frances Youth Center opened on Sept. 28, 2007 and was underwritten by Michael Fraizer, former CEO of Genworth Financial Inc., and his wife Elizabeth. Their support led to the construction of the center on the VCU Monroe Park campus along West Cary Street. The center consists of two private tennis courts and classrooms designed for youth programming and youth-centered training.

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Mary and Frances Youth Center Vision:

The Mary and Frances Youth Center will be a regional leader in university-community collaboration for positive youth development.

Mary and Frances Youth Center Mission Goals:

Through our work, The Mary and Frances Youth Center:

  • Empowers youth to broaden their expectations in life
  • Inspires youth to identify and engage their talents
  • Supports youth in strengthening their life skills
  • Engages youth and family in living healthy lifestyles
  • Fosters best practices in youth development
  • Believes in diversity, equity, and inclusion

Updated July 9, 2019

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