VCU Honor System

VCU Honor System

Virginia Commonwealth University is committed to the intellectual and academic success of a diverse student body; research and discovery that advances knowledge, inspires creativity, and improves human health; and the global engagement of students, faculty, and staff that transforms lives and communities. In pursuit of these goals, the university’s core values are accountability, achievement, collaboration, freedom, innovation, service, diversity, and integrity.

VCU recognizes that honesty, truth, and integrity are values central to its mission to advance knowledge and student success both in the world VCU students will enter, or return to, once they have graduated and in the university community as a microcosm of that world. In a community devoted to learning, a foundation of honor must exist if that community is to thrive with respect and harmony. Therefore, all members of the university community must conduct themselves in accordance with the highest standards of academic honesty, ethics, and integrity at all times. Additional standards of academic and professional integrity consistent with this Honor System may apply to students in professional programs.

Because academic dishonesty is a violation of the profound trust of the entire academic community, the Honor System intends to:

  • Foster an environment at VCU where academic dishonesty is not tolerated;
  • Prevent any student from gaining, or attempting to gain, an unfair advantage over other students through academic misconduct;
  • Define what constitutes academic misconduct and what conduct is expected of all members of the university community;
  • Cultivate a centralized system of education and awareness of the Honor System; and
  • Instill in members of the university community their responsibility for upholding academic integrity by recognizing that:
    • There is NO neutral stance when dishonesty occurs;
    • Apathy or acquiescence in the presence of academic dishonesty is not a neutral act;
    • Failure to take action detracts from a community of trust; and
    • Knowingly allowing others to represent the work of others as their own is as serious an offense as submitting another’s work as your own.

It is important to report EVERY suspected incident of academic misconduct to ensure consistency across courses and departments, due process rights, appropriate response to repeated academic misconduct, and protection from unfounded allegations of misconduct.

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