Honor System & Standards of Academic Conduct

University Honor Council (UHC) -

The pool of students, faculty and staff who are selected, trained and authorized to determine whether a student has violated the Honor System and to recommend sanctions that may be imposed when a violation has been committed through their participation on a Sanction Review, Decision, or Appeal Board.

Sanction Review Board (SRB)-

When a student accepts responsibility for violating specified provisions of VCU's Honor System, but disagrees with the sanctions proscribed by the Honor System Administrator, the SRB will determine the appropriate sanction or consequence for the misconduct.

Decision Board-

The Decision Board will determine, by majority vote, if the student is responsible for violating the Honor System based on clear and convincing evidence presented at a hearing.  If the student is found to be responsible for an infraction, the Decision Board will also recommended sanctions. 

Appeal Board –

The Appeal Board will review the accused student’s written appeal of the Decision Board outcome, as well as any written statement from the Honor System Administrator and/or the complainant. The Appeal Board will then make one of two recommendations to the Vice Provost for Student Affairs (VPSA) or designee concerning the appeal: (1) Uphold the Student Conduct Board determination, or (2) Remand the matter back to the Student Conduct Board.


For more information contact honorsystem@vcu.edu 

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