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Jihad Aziz [View Image]
Jihad Aziz, Ph.D.

Director, Licensed Psychologist

Jihad's clinical interests include training and supervision, conflict mediation, community violence, multiculturalism, African-American men's issues, and leadership development.

Megan Guinn [View Image]
Megan Guinn, Ph.D.

Associate Director for Training, Licensed Psychologist

Megan's clinical interests include attachment and relationship concerns, identity development, multicultural and LGBTQIA+ issues, trauma, group therapy, and supervision/training.

Miki Skinner [View Image]
Miki Skinner, Ph.D.

Assistant Director - MCV Campus, Licensed Psychologist

Miki's clinical interests include wellness of students in the health professions, anxiety, grief and loss, depression, LGBTQ concerns, and incorporating mindfulness into therapy.

Katie Linder [View Image]
Katherine Marie Bekkeli, Psy.D.

Liaison to VCU School of the Arts, Licensed Psychologist

Katie's clinical interests include identity development, multicultural issues, LGBTQIA+ issues, existential concerns, and training and supervision.

Dana Blackmer [View Image]
Dana Blackmer, Ph.D.

Staff Psychologist, Director of Sport Psychology, Licensed Psychologist

Dana's clinical interests include athletics, relationship issues, anxiety, and depression.

Caroline Coffill, MSW headshot [View Image]
Caroline Coffill, MSW

Case Manager, Outreach Coordinator, Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Caroline’s clinical interests include relationship concerns, family of origin issues, trauma, multicultural issues, and perinatal depression.

Myriam Kadeba [View Image]
Myriam T. Kadeba, Ph.D.

Staff Clinician

Myriam's clinical interests include intersectional identity concerns, women’s health issues, Immigration/International students, adjustment concerns, and trauma.

Mijin Kim senior staff clinician [View Image]
Mijin Kim, Ph.D.

Staff Psychologist, Licensed Psychologist

Mijin's clinical interests include international students’ cross-cultural adjustment, clinical issues among immigrant/person of color population, interpersonal violence, trauma, attachment, training and supervision

Picture of Tameika McCoy [View Image]
Tameika McCoy, M.A., C.A.

Advocate Coordinator

Tameika provides confidential advocacy support to students who have experienced sexual assault, intimate partner violence, stalking or harassment. She informs students of their rights and options; assists them with navigating and connecting to resources. Supports students who are involved in Title IX, criminal investigation process, and provides accompaniments to incident related appointments.


Photo of Christina Mcfarland [View Image]
Christina McFarland, Psy.D.

Staff Psychologist, Licensed Psychologist

Christina’s clinical interests include interpersonal trauma, disordered eating, borderline personality features, and anxiety.

photo of Laura Mckenzie [View Image]
Laura Mckenzie, Psy.D., LCP

Staff Psychologist, Licensed Psychologist

Laura’s clinical interests include working with pre-professional and graduate students, adjustment to physical health problems, perfectionism, depression, anxiety, LGBTQIA+ issues, and relationship concerns.

photo of CJ Polihronakis, Ph.D. [View Image]
CJ Polihronakis, Ph.D.

LGBTQIA+ Coordinator, Staff Psychologist, Licensed Psychologist

CJ’s clinical interests include intersectional identity concerns, bisexuality and sexual fluidity, LGBTQIA+ issues, first-generation college students, men and masculinity, sex and sexual health, the impact of oppression and discrimination on health, couples, groups, and supervision/training.

Camille Rudney [View Image]
Camille Rudney, MSW

Staff Clinician - MCV Campus, Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Camille's clinical interests include trauma, group therapy, working with gender identity and sexuality, the impact of systemic oppression and discrimination on mental health.

Chad Sims [View Image]
Chad Sims, Ph.D.

Staff Clinician

Chad’s clinical interests include multiculturalism, racial identity development, clinical issues among African American/Black Diaspora/& Persons of color, first gen students, International students, family of origin issues, and social justice.

Christine Strasser [View Image]
Christine Strasser, Psy.D.

Sexual Assault Specialist, Practicum Coordinator, Licensed Psychologist

Christine's interests include sexual assault and intimate partner violence, grief and loss, existential concerns, women’s issues, mindfulness based treatment, and group psychotherapy.

Lauren Tucker [View Image]
Lauren Tucker, M.Ed. MSW

Senior Staff Clinician

Lauren's clinical interests include family of origin issues, autism spectrum, military veterans, ADHD/executive functioning, grief/loss, substance use, and trauma.

Dana Vandervelde [View Image]
Dana Vandervelde, MSW

Sexual and Intimate Partner Violence Advocate

Dana provides confidential support to students who have experienced sexual assault, intimate partner violence, stalking or harassment. She informs students of their rights and options and assists them with navigating and connecting to resources such as Title IX, criminal investigation, academic accommodations and other resources. Additionally, she develops programs related to preventing and intervening in violence.

Kristi Vera [View Image]
Kristi M. Vera, MSW

Coordinator for Groups, Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Kristi's clinical interests include trauma, working with Axis II disorders, group therapy, grief, and multicultural issues.

Abey Wachira [View Image]
Abey Wachira, Ph.D.

Staff Clinician

Abey’s clinical interests include Black diaspora issues, immigrant and international student issues, ethnic minority issues, life transition and adjustment concerns, identity exploration, relationship concerns, family of origin concerns, academic and career concerns, and grief and loss. Abey is also passionate about cultural diversity issues, and strives to learn and put into practice culturally-responsive ways that she can best support students as they explore their intersecting cultural identities and related systems of power and oppression.

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