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Andrew Bako [View Image]
Andrew Bako, B.S.

Social Work Intern

Andrew’s clinical interests include trauma, depression, and anxiety.

Liz Becker [View Image]
Liz Becker, B.A.

Social Work Intern

Liz’s clinical interests include grief/loss/bereavement, trauma, sexual trauma, sex/sexual health, LGBTQIA+, eating disorders, and couples.

Morgan Christie [View Image]
Morgan Christie, M.A.

Psychology Intern

Morgan’s clinical interests include trauma, sexuality and gender affirmative therapy, identity development, disordered eating, anxiety, and women's issues.

Abigail Cruz, M.A. [View Image]
Abigail Cruz, M.A.

Psychology Intern

Abigail’s clinical interests include trauma, couples counseling, body image/eating disorders, identity development, and multicultural concerns.

Daniella Dworschak, B.A., B.S. [View Image]
Daniella Dworschak, B.A., B.S.

Social Work Intern

Daniella’s clinical interests include substance abuse, ACOA, anxiety, trauma, relationship concerns, sexual trauma, racial/ethnicity identity exploration, and disordered eating.

Generic photo for staff profiles [View Image]
Pegah Eftekharzadeh, M.Ed.

Psychology Intern

Pegah’s clinical interests include identity development, family of origin concerns, multicultural concerns, cross-cultural adjustment among first/second generation immigrant students, relationship concerns, and adjustment concerns.

Generic photo for staff profiles [View Image]
Isis Garcia-Rodriguez, B.S.

Practicum Student

Isis’s clinical interests include working with first-generation students, Latinx students, immigrants/immigration trauma, mixed-status families, the impact of the current socio-political climate, and bilingual/monolingual Spanish-speakers.

Carlie McGregor, M.S. [View Image]
Carlie McGregor, M.S.

Psychology Intern

Carlie’s clinical interests include body image, multicultural facets of identity, power and privilege dynamics, relational concerns, LGBTQIA+ issues, athletics/performance, and masculinity/genderization issues.

Chimdindu Ohayagha, M.S. [View Image]
Chimdindu Ohayagha, M.S.

Practicum Student

Chimdindu’s clinical interests include working with African and African American clients, immigrant clients, racial/ethnicity related concerns, adjustment to disability/chronic health conditions, and stress/anxiety.

Maddie Weinstock, B.S. [View Image]
Maddie Weinstock, B.S.

Practicum Student

Maddie’s clinical interests include body image, eating disorders, interpersonal issues, anxiety, athletes, and couples.

Blair Winchester, B.A. [View Image]
Blair Winchester, B.A.

Practicum Student

Blair’s clinical interests include anxiety, adjustment, attachment and relationship issues, family concerns, identity development (including multicultural identities), and racial stress.

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