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The Associate Director for Training is responsible for the administration of the training program. The Associate Director for Training provides direction to the coordinators of social work and psychology practicum. The training staff meets twice a year to discuss the progress of trainees, program development, and program policies.

It is the belief of the UCS training staff that evaluation and feedback, both of trainee progress and the training program, are essential elements of growth and change. Trainees write training goals by which their progress through the year is measured. Trainees are encouraged to evaluate themselves and their training experience. All psychology interns have a copy of the Training Handbook on their office computers. The Training Handbook describes expected competencies, evaluation procedures, and training activities.

Ongoing evaluation of trainees occurs through review of tapes and written work, evaluative feedback from clients, self evaluations, and review of direct service data. Formal written evaluations are done at mid-year and the end of the year; copies of evaluations are kept both by the trainee and by the Associate Director for Training. In addition, the Associate Director for Training communicates with academic departments and licensing boards, as appropriate, regarding the work of the trainees. Trainees complete evaluations of supervisors each semester and of the training program at the end of the year. Trainees' feedback about the program is actively solicited in an ongoing way in staff meetings, in meetings with the Associate Director for Training, and through other individual contacts with the Associate Director for Training.

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