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The Health Innovation Consortium (HIC) and the VCU da Vinci Center for Innovation have partnered to create a series of health care sprints. The groups had planned to launch a general sprint for Spring 2020 and have pivoted the focus to be on current challenges and opportunities. Driven by the ambiguity and uncertainty we face during this time, we choose to be actionable and invite all VCU students to join this sprint to explore solutions related to COVID-19 through health care and innovation. 

      • This is a completely virtual Sprint. This will mean that students from the university who are currently working from anywhere can participate fully in the Sprint. This is new for all of us, so it will flex our capabilities and comfort, but we believe will offer an invaluable learning opportunity.
      • The focus of the sprint will be fully on solutions related to COVID-19. We will work with existing concepts in the Health Innovation Consortium.


While we will be seeding the group with problem statements from the Health Innovation Consortium, we will be encouraging students to think creatively from their own perspective about how we might offer solutions to problems they are personally and collectively facing in their day-to-day. We believe that there are many great ideas that may be percolating in the minds of our student population around the current situation and we are eager to see what might surface. At the da Vinci Center, we find ideation begins most fruitfully from open questions formed in the structure of “how might we” do X, and we will be teaching this methodology, as well as inviting students to formulate their own framing questions in this format.

This will not be a sprint with a strong commercial or full productization focus. We will focus on learning in the health care space, the process of the sprint development and the opportunity to catalyze solutions that may go beyond this period and enter into the Health Innovation Consortium backlog for further development.

Who can participate?

Participation is open to all students across VCU: undergraduate and graduate students.

Program Benefits

      • An opportunity to activate learning in a rapid ideation and prototyping virtual environment, one that many of our students will enter into in global organizations when move on to careers following their time at VCU.  
      • A facilitated process of moving through a 2-week sprint with the support of da Vinci Center, Campus Partners and Health Care Mentorship.
      • A responsive and timely application of capabilities and tools to meaningful real-world problems at the forefront of all of our lives.
      • An opportunity to pilot in a time of significant dynamic change – we will learn, we will iterate, and we will build on the experience in the future. Our learnings will be far beyond content, and we will reflect on our experiences to capture learnings about how well we collectively respond during times of significant dynamic change.

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Every year the da Vinci Center hosts VCU Demo Day to highlight student ventures and award prize money. This year VCU Pre-X and VCU Healthcare Innovation Sprint came together to compete for 2 top prizes of $5k and 2 People’s Choice Awards for $500. Eight teams from VCU Pre-X participated in a semester-long program to identify, support, and launch high growth and high potential startups and founders. And eight teams joined a 2-week Healthcare Innovation Sprint to explore solutions related to COVID-19 through health care and innovation.


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