Undergraduate Certificate in Venture Creation

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Open to all VCU undergraduate students, the Certificate in Venture Creation focuses on developing a multidisciplinary mindset for successful entrepreneurialism and venture creation. Students participating in the program will hone understandings of the challenges, skills, and resources necessary for venture creation, and through an immersive culmination experience, integrate these understandings around conceiving, planning, and implementing a real venture.

Students completing the Certificate will be able to:

  • Develop a venture creation mindset that is multidisciplinary in nature: Coursework will develop an entrepreneurial disposition toward creative thinking, risk-taking, and critical thinking balanced with a firm grounding in principles of venture creation. Coursework will stress the importance of connecting people and perspectives from across disciplines.
  • Be attuned to challenges and strategies for overcoming these challenges to realize successful venture creation: Coursework will address challenges, skills, and resources for venture creation.
  • Apply venture creation skills that properly create, plan, and implement ventures: Students will be organized into cross-functional venture creation teams and work on a venture of their own choosing.
  • Hone verbal and written communication skills: The program will emphasize being able to articulate ideas in both verbal and written forms. The program will also work with students to hone their interpersonal and professionalism skills related to communication and projected image.

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The Certificate in Venture Creation program runs concurrently with a student’s major and is not a stand-alone program. Interested students must submit their application to the VCU da Vinci Center, which administers the certificate program. Criteria will include current academic performance, keen interest in engaging in the program, and possible entrepreneurial pursuit in mind.


The certificate requires a minimum of 13 credit hours of approved course work as follows:

  • INNO 200: Introduction to Innovation and Venture Creation (1 credit hour)
  • VNTR 300: Venture Creation Skills (3 credit hours)
  • Two electives from the approved electives list designated for the respective students’ School/College (6 credit hours)
  • Capstone course VNTR 460: Venture Creation Project or ARTS 353: Creative Disruption. Students must have completed INNO 200, VNTR 300, and at least one elective before enrolling in VNTR 460 or ARTS 353.

Approved Electives List by Undergraduate College/School:

School of the Arts
ARTS 350 – The Creative Economy (3 credit hours)
ARTS 351 – Piloting the Enterprise (3 credit hours)
ARTS 352 – Idea Accelerator (3 credit hours)

School of Business
BUSN 400 – Principles of Consulting (3 credit hours)
FIRE 313 – Financial Management for Small Business (3 credit hours)
MGMT 321 – Survey in Entrepreneurship (3 credit hours)
MGMT 422 – Managing the Family Firm (3 credit hours)

School of Engineering
CLSE 402 & CLSE 403 – Chemical Engineering Senior Design Studio (3+ credit hours each)
CMSC 451 & CMSC 452 – Computer Science Senior Project (3+ credit hours each)
EGRB 401 & EGRB 402 – Biomedical Engineering Senior Design Studio (3+ credit hours each)
ENGR 402 & ENGR 403 – Senior Design Studio (3+ credit hours each)

For Students in a School/College Not Listed Above
ACCT 202 – Accounting for Non-Business Majors (3 credit hours)
ARTS 350 – The Creative Economy (3 credit hours)
ARTS 352 – Idea Accelerator (3 credit hours)
ECON 203 – Introduction to Economics (3 credit hours)
FIRE 311 – Financial Management (3 credit hours)
MGMT 321 – Survey in Entrepreneurship (3 credit hours)
MKTG 301 – Marketing Principles (3 credit hours)

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