Undergraduate Certificate in Product Innovation

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Employing an cross-disciplinary perspective that embodies concepts from the arts, business and engineering, undergraduate students are provided a robust learning experience to understand the challenges associated with and means for managing product design, product development, and new product introduction endeavors.

The Certificate in Product Innovation will run concurrently with a student’s major; it is not a standalone program. Students must have a declared major in either the Schools of the Arts or Business or the Colleges of Engineering or Humanities and Sciences or other VCU unit that is an official partner of the da Vinci Center.

Curriculum Requirements


Students must have successfully completed, or be currently enrolled in INNO 200 in order to apply for admission to the Undergraduate Certificate in Product Innovation program. INNO 200 is open to all VCU students, and there are no prerequisites for the course.

Students must successfully complete two or three required Product Innovation courses outside of their respective School of study. One Non-Discipline Elective may be taken in the same semester as the Culmination Project Course, if not already completed. All other Non-Discipline Electives should be completed prior to registering for INNO 460: Product Innovation Project.

School of the Arts

School of Business

College of Engineering

College of Humanities & Sciences

  • INNO 221: (3 credits)
  • INNO 223: (3 credits)
  • INNO 225: (3 credits)

Students must successfully complete INNO 460: Product Innovation project course to be awarded the undergraduate certificate. 

  • INNO 460:  Product Innovation Project (3 credits)

Students must successfully complete six credit hours of Product Innovation coursework within their respective School of study. The main list of Core Discipline Electives can be located here:  INNO_CoreElectives

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