Information for graduates

This site provides important information regarding graduation for you and your guests. Please familiarize yourself with the dates and times of all events. Should you have any questions, please contact Cindy Cheely in the Dean’s Office for further clarification.

Part of completing your obligation to the university, requires you to complete several surveys and an exit checklist. These surveys will help us evaluate your dental education here at VCU. The exit checklist will ensure you have completed all required tasks prior to graduation.

The Graduation Ceremony will take place Friday, May 14 at 10am in the Altria Theatre at 6 N. Laurel St., Richmond, VA 23220. Students will be allotted three (3) tickets for guests. Guests must have a ticket to enter. Doors will open one (1) hour before the ceremony  for family, friends and guests.  Students are to arrive at 9am. Temperatures will be taken upon entry and a mask is required at all time while inside the building. Once inside students will head downstairs to the ballroom. Dental hygiene students will sit as a group. Dental students will sit with their General Practice Group. Please look for your name on a seat within your groups and sit down. Due to COVID protocols, you must stay in your seat. Try to bring as few personal items as possible to the theater. If you must bring keys, id etc... there will be a security guard on duty in the ballroom during the ceremony. Place your items on your chair with your name  so you will know where to find them when you return after the ceremony.      

Parking will be available at the VCU West Main Street Deck. There will be no charge for parking. 

A livestream will bring the ceremony to those who are unable to attend in person.