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Examining Development, Genes, and Environment [View Image]


Amy Adkins [View Image]

Amy Adkins, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Psychology & Director of Student Engagement, College Behavioral and Emotional Health Institute

Fazil Aliev [View Image]

Fazil Aliev, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

Danielle Dick [View Image]

Danielle Dick, Ph.D.
Commonwealth Professor of Psychology and Human and Molecular Genetics; Director, EDGE Lab; Director, COBE Institute

Sally I-Chun Kuo [View Image]

Sally I-Chun. Kuo, Ph.D.
Research Associate

Postdoctoral Fellows

Sarah Brislin [View Image]

Sarah Brislin, Ph.D.
Postdoctoral Fellow

Holly Poore [View Image]

Holly Poore , Ph.D.
Postdoctoral Fellow

Graduate Students

Maia Choi [View Image]

Maia Choi, B.A.
Graduate Student, Developmental Psychology

Erin Gallert [View Image]

Erin Gallert, B.S.
Graduate Student, Developmental Psychology

Morgan Driver [View Image]

Morgan Driver, B.S.
Graduate Student, Human and Molecular Genetics and Genetic Counseling

Rebecca L Smith [View Image]

Rebecca L. Smith, M.S.
Graduate Student, Developmental Psychology

Nate Thomas [View Image]

Nate Thomas, M.S.
Graduate Student, Developmental Psychology


Emily A Balcke [View Image]

Emily A. Balcke, M.Sc.
Scientific Manager and Project Coordinator

Kayla L McLean [View Image]

Kayla L. McLean, B.S.
Administrative Assistant

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