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Examining Development, Genes, and Environment [View Image]

Seung Bin Cho, Ph.D.

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Research Associate (2011-2016)

Positions after EDGE Lab


Assistant Professor of Psychology, Pusan National University, Seoul, Korea


Ph.D. from The University of Missouri, 2011

Research Interests

I am interested in applying advanced statistical methods to understand the development of alcohol and other substance use problems. Another interest is in co-occurrence of problems and their relationships. These two aspects - longitudinal change and comorbidity - provide additional dimensions to help understand the problem behaviors. For example, a genetic effect on alcohol use that seems dormant during adolescence may actually works underway to lead some people reaches the problematic level in adulthood. Alcohol use problems may express in different forms, such as conduct problems, during adolescence when alcohol is less accessible. Frequently used methods for longitudinal analyses include the latent curve model, hierarchical linear model, and generalized linear models. Methods for co-occurring problems include factor analysis, latent class analysis, and latent class analysis.



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