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Examining Development, Genes, and Environment [View Image]

Albert J Ksinan, Ph.D.

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Postdoctoral Fellow (2018-2019)

Positions after EDGE Lab

Research Analyst, Department of Health Behavior and Policy, Virginia Commonwealth University


B.A., Psychology, Masaryk University, 2010

M.S., Psychology, Masaryk University, 2013

Ph.D., Family Sciences, University of Kentucky, 2018

Research Interests

Keywords: externalizing behaviors, substance use, personality, structural equation modeling, adolescence

My primary research interest focuses on longitudinal development of externalizing behaviors, including substance use, among adolescents and young adults, and the interplay of genetic and environmental factors. I am also interested in the overlap and uniqueness in the genetic risk for developing different externalizing behaviors. Further, my work focuses on the role of personality traits as potential mediators of genetic risk for problem behaviors and their dynamic change in time. My other research interest is related to the association of online behaviors and adjustment problems among youth.

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