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Check out the VCU College of Engineering by the numbers, including enrollment and diversity in both the undergraduate and graduate programs. Each of the college’s departments is accredited, which helps explain our high graduate placement rate.

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As of fall, 2018, the College of Engineering enrolled 1,804 undergraduate students, 309 graduate students, 113 M.S. students and 175 Ph.D. students. The median SAT admit score was 1260 and the average GPA was 3.95. The undergraduate enrollment for each department was: 314 Biomedical Engineering students, 209 Chemical and Life Science Engineering students, 423 Computer Science students, 306 Electrical and Computer Engineering students and 519 Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering students. 100% of May 2018 alumni confirmed employment or grad school acceptance within 6 months. The College has 24 student organizations 65% of graduate students have scholarships. Research areas include: sustainability and energy engineering, cybersecurity, pharmaceutical engineering, micro and nano-electronic systems, mechanobiology and regenerative medicine, and device and design development. The student body is very diverse - 75% male and 25% female - with 47.3% while, 17.2% Asian, 13.5% international, 9.9% black, 6% latinx, 4.7% two or more races and 1.2% unknown.

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