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At VCU Engineering, you’ll design what never existed before. Then you’ll roll up your sleeves and make it. In the heart of a creative capital city, you’ll discover ways to turn your big idea into reality.

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Biomedical Engineering specialties include biomaterials, cell and tissue engineering, regenerative medicine, mechanobiology of disease, immunoengineering, novel biomedical imaging and rehabilitation engineering.

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Chemical and Life Science Engineering specialties include pharmaceutical engineering, the development of chemicals and biologics, stem cell engineering, nanotechnology, materials science, systems biology and energy technology.

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Computer Science specialties include machine learning, artificial intelligence, data science, cybersecurity, robotics, bioinformatics, natural language processing, virtual reality, software engineering, data mining, high performance and cloud computing.

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Electrical and Computer Engineering specialties include autonomous vehicles, robotics hardware, medical devices, cyber-physical systems, drones, wearable devices, smart technologies, controls, electronic design and nanoelectronics.

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Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering specialties include vehicle design, advanced manufacturing, robotics design, magnetics, fluid mechanics, mechanobiology, aerosol technologies, surface engineering, nuclear energy and nuclear medicine.

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