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DURI 2017


Image of Kayla and Aniket [View Image]

Scholar: Aniket Kulkarni (BME)

Mentor: Kayla Scott

Lab: Barbara D. Boyan, Ph.D.Project: The Use of 24R,25-dyhydroxyvitamin D3 as a Preventative Treatment of Osteoarthritis Following Traumatic ACL Injury

Image of Michael and Mashaba [View Image]

Scholar: Mashaba Rashid (BME)

Mentor: Michael McClure, Ph.D.

Lab: Barbara D. Boyan, Ph.D.Project: Integrin α7β1 Signaling Regulates Myoblast Syncytial Fusion

Image of Dawei and Kayla [View Image]

Scholar: Kayla Logan (CLSE)

Mentor: Dawei Wang

Lab: Wei-Ning Wang, Ph.D.Project: Novel Photocatalysts for Efficient CO2 Capture and Conversion

Image of Andrew and Tien [View Image]

Scholar: Tien Vuong (CLSE)

Mentor: Andrew Harrison

Lab: Christina Tang, Ph.D.Project: Multifunctional Polymer Nanoreactor for Aerobic Oxidation

Image of Dylan and Jethrine [View Image]

Scholar: Jethrine Mugumya (CLSE)

Mentor: Dylan Rodene

Lab: Ram B. Gupta, Ph.D.

Project: Pea Protein-derived N/P-doped Graphitic Carbon Electrode Material for Supercapacitors

Publications: Demir, M., Ashourirad, B., Mugumya, J.H., Saraswat, S.K., El-Kaderi, H.M. & Gupta, R.B. (2018) Nitrogen and oxygen dual-doped porous carbons prepared from pea protein as electrode materials for high performance supercapacitors. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy.

Image of Patrick and Alex [View Image]

Scholar: Alex Ritchie (CLSE)

Mentor: Patrick Link

Lab: Rebecca L. Heise, Ph.D.Project: Characterizing Drug Release Profiles from Protein Nanoparticles

Image of Kevin Nguyen [View Image]

Scholar: Kevin Nguyen (ECE)

Mentor: Emrah Benli

Lab: Yuichi Motai, Ph.D.Project: Omni-directional Thermal Cameras for Tracking Humans using Unmanned Ground Vehicles

Scholar: Chandana Muktipaty (BME)

Mentor: Anjali Verma

Lab: Zvi Schwartz, D.M.D., Ph.D.

Project: Rapid Responses of 24,25‐Dihydroxyvitamin D3 Regulate Apoptosis in Breast Cancer via Estrogen Receptors

Publications: Schwartz, N., Verma, A., Muktipaty, C., Bivens, C., Schwartz, Z. & Boyan, B.D. (2018) Estradiol receptor profile and estrogen responsiveness in laryngeal cancer and clinical outcomes. Steroids.

Scholar: Jasmine Norman (ECE)

Mentor: Bridget McInnes, Ph.D.

Lab: Nastassja Lewinski, Ph.D.Project: Development of a Nanomedicine Bench to Bedside (NanoB2B) Entity Extractor

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