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Gennady Miloshevsky, Ph.D.

Gennady Miloshevsky, Ph.D., co-authors chapter in new textbook edition

University students across the U.S. now have an opportunity to learn from Gennady Miloshevsky, Ph.D., associate professor in VCU’s Department of Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering. Miloshevsky is co-author of a chapter in the second edition of Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy, a textbook published June 2 by Elsevier.

The book covers the principles and latest developments in Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS), a rapid chemical composition analysis technique that uses a short laser pulse to create a micro-plasma on a sample’s surface. This technique is used in the nuclear industry to analyze radioactive materials, assess contamination and safeguard unused nuclear fuel. His chapter in the new textbook edition addresses ultrafast and filament-induced LIBS.

Miloshevsky is an expert in computational physics, with a focus on the effects of plasma, laser and particle beams on materials, for a variety of applications including shielding of space radiation. He joined VCU Engineering in 2019.

“Dr. Miloshevsky is an outstanding addition to the department. He is an internationally recognized authority on radiation and plasma interactions with materials and this new chapter is an important contribution to the field,” said Gary C. Tepper, Ph.D., chair of the Department of Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering.

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