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Opportunities for Medical Students

We encourage medical students to explore their options through hands-on educational and clinical experiences in the Department of Emergency Medicine.

Emergency Medicine Clerkship

Our four-week rotation for fourth-year medical students allows future physicians to gain autonomy, confidence and experience while working in the acute care environment.

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Students function as acting interns with significant direct patient care responsibilities. Students are expected to independently evaluate patients, develop assessments and plans, and present their patients to the attending physician.

Students also have full electronic medical record (EMR) system access and write notes on, enter orders for, and disposition their patients. 

Each four-week rotation involves clinical shifts in the acute adult and pediatric ED as well as in the Clinical Decision Unit (observation unit).

The curriculum also includes education sessions each week and an exam at the end of the rotation. 

Students applying to EM residency programs may obtain a SLOE upon request.

Visiting students from schools within the U.S. are invited to apply to our clerkship. Please refer to the VCU School of Medicine’s website for more information. In keeping with national consensus guidelines, strong preference will be given to students without home EM rotation opportunities.

Health Equity Acting Internship

This four-week internship is intended for students with a special interest in underserved patient populations and health disparities within emergency medicine.

Interested students should apply through the Visiting Student Learning Opportunities Application Service and must meet VCU School of Medicine requirements in order to be accepted. Applicants are also asked to submit a 500-word description of how their experiences have influenced their study of medicine, career choice, or appreciation for challenges faced by medically underserved and under-resourced populations.

Students may apply as early as April 2021 through VSAS.  Rotations for visiting students will be available as early as August.

Foundational Elective

We offer a two-week rotation for third-year medical students at VCU. This elective allows students to observe the evaluation and treatment of patients in the ED while gaining an appreciation of the unique aspects of emergency care. This elective is graded as pass/fail.

Additional Electives

Additional electives for fourth-year medical students are offered in the following subspecialties: 

  • Emergency Medical Services
  • Toxicology 
  • Ultrasound
Nathan Lewis, MD, FACEP [View Image]

Nathan Lewis, MD, FACEP

Clerkship Director

Nathan Lewis, MD, FACEP [View Image]

Nathan Lewis, MD, FACEP

Clerkship Director

Emergency Medicine

Email: nathan.lewis@vcuhealth.org

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Sharon Fleming [View Image]

Sharon Fleming

Clerkship Coordinator

Sharon Fleming [View Image]

Sharon Fleming

Clerkship Coordinator

Email: sharon.fleming@vcuhealth.org

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