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Virginia Poison Center

Established in 1958, the Virginia Poison Center is a free, 24/7 emergency service for both the public and all healthcare providers with cases of poison exposure, staffed by our specially trained registered nurses.

VPC Logo [View Image]The center’s service area includes more than 3 million people and nearly 50 acute care hospitals and urgent care centers in central and eastern Virginia. A board-certified toxicologist is always on call for additional consultation.

The mission of the Virginia Poison Center is to provide rapid, expert and compassionate help to the public and health professionals in cases of suspected poison exposures and to provide public and professional education that reduces poison incidents.

Common Call Topics 

  • Medication overdose 
  • Substance abuse or withdrawal 
  • Ingestion of household cleaners 
  • Pesticide exposure 
  • Inhalation of gases or chemical fumes 
  • Exposure to poisonous plants or mushrooms 
  • Bites and stings from animals, insects and arachnids

Contact Virginia Poison Center

When you call, poison information specialists will assess the situation, ask questions about the substance, symptoms and any attempted treatments, and provide first-aid insight. In severe cases, they’ll refer you to the most appropriate healthcare facility.

Local: 804-828-9123
Toll-free: 800-222-1222    Learn more about the Virginia Poison Center

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