About VCU's Office of Financial Aid

The Office of Financial Aid provides a variety of services to help students afford higher education via grants, scholarships, work-study employment and loans. The Office of Financial Aid administers and distributes funds from federal, state, institutional and private fund sources. One-on-one appointments are available to students, their parents, faculty and staff. Financial aid funds are applied first to the student’s university bill. Refunds are generated when financial aid exceeds university charges.

VCU uses all available funds to help students gain access to a college education. Eligibility for financial aid varies depending on a student’s academic and financial circumstances. In most cases, each student will qualify for some form of financial assistance.

RamQ The Student Financial Management Center (SFMC) wants to shorten your wait to meet with our in-person staff in Harris Hall. RamQ, powered by QLess, will allow you to join the SFMC's in-person line from anywhere by using your smartphone or computer. Once you've joined the line, you can wait where you want: We'll send you wait-time updates and let you know when it's your turn to see a staff member in-person.

Code of conduct

Virginia Commonwealth University is a member of the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (NASFAA). As a member of NASFAA, VCU's Office of Financial Aid Office employees abide by the Statement of Ethical Principles. NASFAA has developed a Code of Conduct in response to changing business practices in the student loan industry. Visit the NASFAA website for more information.