Student Computer and Internet Access Support

The Student Computer and Internet Access Support initiative was designed in response to VCU students' needs to access computers and remote learning resources. While VCU requires all students to have a laptop computer, approximately 10 percent of incoming students express concerns about securing a personal computer and/or internet access. When added to the number of requests for computer and internet access assistance in spring 2020, the university anticipates as many as 500 students without access to a computer and/or internet in fall 2020.

A personal computer and internet access to remote learning resources are vital to a student's academic success at VCU. Students may submit this brief application to be considered for funds to support the purchase of a computer and/or obtaining internet access. Students must be logged in with their VCU eID to access this application.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I be considered to receive funds for both a personal computer and internet service?

Applicants can be considered to receive funds to either go towards the purchase of a personal computer, towards obtaining or continuing internet service, or both. The more information/details that you can provide in your application, the more likely your chances of receiving assistance. The maximum award for this program is $2,000.

What is the source of funding for this initiative?

The Federal Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act has made funding available to colleges and universities to assist eligible students who have been impacted by COVID-19 financial disruptions.

If my application is approved, how will I receive funding?

Due to the source of funding for this award, VCU is required to issue a check which can then be used for the purchase of a personal computer and/or applied toward internet service. The check will be delivered via direct deposit, if you have already set up that function with VCU Student Accounting, or via USPS (mail).

Where can I purchase a personal computer once I have received funding, if selected?

While recipients can choose to purchase a computer from their retailer of choice, VCU's on-campus technology store, RamTech, has the computer that meets all requirements for your course of study available for you to purchase immediately. Additionally, RamTech offers competitive student pricing. The funding awards will cover the entire purchase price including the shipping from RamTech.

If selected, what should I take into consideration when selecting an internet service provider?

If this is your first time having to choose an internet service provider and you're not sure where to start, has helpful information to get you started. On the VCU Technology Services website you can also find information about cellular hotspots and hotspot providers.

Is this funding renewable?

Funding for a personal computer and/or internet service is a one-time award that is non-renewable and non-transferable.

Does this funding apply to any other software that may be needed for my program of study?

While this funding does not specifically cover software, you will be able to download software such as Microsoft Office, Google Chrome and Adobe Creative Cloud for free or at a discounted rate through the VCU Technology Services Software Center.

If I'm not selected for this funding and cannot afford to purchase a computer and/or internet service, are there other options available?

Private funds may be available. Visit the VCU Student Emergency Fund website for additional funding options.