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About Us & Mission Statement

The Department of Focused Inquiry offers small, seminar-style classes for first- and second-year students as part of the core curriculum at VCU. Our interdisciplinary faculty strives to foster curiosity about the world at large through inquiry-based, community-engaged, and experiential learning.

Learn more about what we do in our annual year-end reports:


Our Mission Statement

The purpose of this faculty and department will be to cultivate in all VCU students the skills, knowledge, and attitudes needed for collegiate and lifelong success through learning-centered experiences; to foster an environment of collaboration and fairness among its faculty; and to encourage excellence in the practice and scholarship of teaching and learning.



Our department affirms the necessity of a governance policy and structure that promotes collaboration, collegiality, and fairness among a diverse spectrum of interdisciplinary faculty who come together to promote excellence in teaching and learning in VCU’s Core Curriculum. All full-time department faculty, in conjunction with a formal system of standing committees, have the opportunity to participate in the department’s shared governance addressing the particular mission and curricular goals of Focused Inquiry. Review our department bylaws here.

Virginia Commonwealth University

Department of Focused Inquiry

Harris Hall, 5th Floor
1015 Floyd Avenue
Box 842015
Richmond, Virginia 23284-2015

Phone: 804-827-0838

Updated: 6/7/2019

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