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Certificate Program in Clinical Genetics

The purpose of the Graduate Certificate in Clinical Genetics is to train students on the principles of inheritance, the basis of inheritance, how inheritance influences risk in human disease, and the technology and methods involved in testing for genetic disorders. Graduates will be able to apply this knowledge to understand genetic conditions, calculate the risk for genetic disorders and understand the role of genetic professionals in the clinical setting. Graduates will be competitive for jobs such as genetic counseling assistants or promotions within their field such as nursing or technicians working in genetic diagnostic laboratories. Graduates will also be more competitive to apply for professional training such as genetic counseling MS programs or clinical diagnostic fellowship programs.

The Certificate Program is ideal for individuals who are interested in the genetic counseling profession and those with Ph.D. degrees who have had their training in other scientific disciplines, but are now interested in clinical diagnostic fellowships. The program is also appropriate for health care providers who are interested in learning more about clinical genetics.

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