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M.S. in Human Genetics

Shiang lab Karen 2 [View Image]Our M.S. program in human genetics prepares students for careers in research and teaching by developing their knowledge of the field and skills in laboratory techniques as well as writing, critical thinking, data interpretation, study design, and literature research. Many who graduate from our M.S. program work in academic, governmental or industrial research laboratories or teach at the high school or college level. Additionally, many of our graduates further their training by completing doctoral or other advanced degrees at VCU or other leading research-based institutions.

The M.S. degree requires at least two years of study for students entering with a B.S. or B.A. degree, and must be completed within five years.  No departmental funding is available for M.S. students; however, M.S. students that are U.S. citizens or permanent residents are encouraged to seek financial aid through the VCU Office of Financial Aid.

Students working toward the M.S. degree focus on their coursework during the first year and then primarily focus on their original research project during the second year, although students enroll in courses and perform laboratory research during both years of M.S. training. Each student must conduct an original investigation under the supervision of an adviser, prepare a thesis reporting the results of their research project and analyze its significance in relation to existing scientific knowledge. Students are expected to develop knowledge of their chosen area of inquiry and a mastery of laboratory research skills to a level that makes them competitive for additional graduate training, a career in laboratory research, or a career in teaching.

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