Vaccine guidance for international students and scholars

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Supporting our international students and scholars

Dear Students and Scholars,

In light of the recent security emergency in Afghanistan and the earthquake in Haiti, the VCU Global Education Office and Division of Student Affairs are reaching out to our students and scholars with personal, geographic or cultural ties to these regions. 

We want to express our concern for you and these recent events. As these situations unfold, we are available to support you with a variety of resources, and we invite you to share this information with anyone you believe will have an interest.

Resources immediately available to you include:

Global Education Office (804) 828-8471 or

Division of Student Affairs (804) 828-1244 or

University Counseling Services

  • Monroe Park Campus: (804) 828-6200 or
  • MCV Campus: (804) 828-3964 or




The following is a list of resources for individuals affected by these disasters. Members of the VCU and Greater Richmond communities wishing to show their support may also share these resources: 

Resources for Afghanistan

Resources for Haiti

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