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Center On Health Disparities

Vision, Mission, Goals

Our vision is to positively impact minority health in Virginia. To make this positive impact, we will build individual and institutional capacity to achieve excellence, foster innovation, advance diversity and inclusiveness and build partnerships with organizations committed to reducing health disparities.

The mission of the Center is to reduce health disparities and improve health across the Commonwealth through facilitating research, training a diverse and competent workforce, and transforming disparate communities through community engagement and outreach initiatives.


GOAL 1. RESEARCH: The Center will advance the elimination of health disparities and achievement of health equity through the facilitation of innovative research.

Aim 1.1: Provide an infrastructure to facilitate interdisciplinary collaborations that will lead to the development, implementation and evaluation of health disparity interventions

Aim 1.2: Support interdisciplinary collaborations to facilitate the development, implementation and evaluation of health disparities interventions. These interventions are designed to advance scientific knowledge that contributes to the reduction and elimination of health disparities in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

GOAL 2. CAPACITY BUILDING: The Center will enhance research training opportunities for the university.

Aim 2.1: Increase the diversity of the health sciences workforce.

Aim 2.2: Increase the quantity and quality of health disparities research through research, training and education initiatives.


GOAL 3. COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT & INFORMATION DISSEMINATION: The Center will facilitate university and community engagement initiatives to address health disparities.

Aim 3.1: Bridge university research with community practice to support relevant research projects that address health disparities.

Aim 3.2: Facilitate university and community partnerships through information sharing and partnership development that enable students, faculty, staff, organizations, and communities to work together to reduce health disparities.

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