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Center On Health Disparities

CoHD Publications

 Isringhausen KT,VanderWielen LM, Vanderbilt AA. Addressing healthcare disparities and access to dental care while improving education: Schools of Dentistry and Federally Qualified Health Centers.  Journal of Healthcare for the Poor and Underserved. 2014:25:670-4.  


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Vanderbilt AA , & Wright MS. Infant mortality: A call to action overcoming health disparities in the United States. Journal Medical Education Online. 2013:18:22503.   

Bradner M, Crossman SH, Vanderbilt AA, Gary J, & Munson P. Career advising in family medicine: A theoretical framework for structuring the medical student/faculty advisor interview. Medical Education Online. 2013:18:21173 

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Ryan MS, Vanderbilt AA, Lewis TW, & Madden, MA. Benefits and barriers among volunteer teaching faculty: Comparison between those who precept and those who do not in the core pediatrics clerkship. Medical Education Online.2013:18:1-7. 

Vanderbilt AA , Isringhausen KT, VanderWielen LM, Wright MS, Slashcheva LD, & Madden MA. Health disparities among highly vulnerable populations in the United States: A call to action for medical and oral health care. Medical Education Online. 2013:18:1-3. 

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Vanderbilt AA .Oral Healthcare and Health Disparities for Women: A brief report. Journal of Women’s Health’s Care. 2014:3:143: doi: 10.4172/2167-0420.1000143


Manuscripts in press:


VanderWielen LM, Enurah AS, Rho H, Michelsen-King, M, Crossman SH, & Vanderbilt AA. Medical interpreters: Improvements to address access, equity and quality of care.  Academic Medicine. (in press).


Pasitis NJ,Vanderbilt AA, Tanner NT, Silvestri GA, Huggins JT, Svigals Z, Shepherd W . Construct Validity of theSimbionix Bronch Mentor Simulator for Essential Bronchoscopic Skills. The Journal of Bronchology andInterventional Pulmonology (in press) 

Bradner M, Gary, J, Crossman SH, Vanderbilt AA, VanderWielen LM. Beyond Diagnoses: Family medicine core themes in student reflective writing. The Journal of Family Medicine (in press).


Ryan MH, VanderbiltAA, Mayer SD, Gregory A. Interprofessional Education: Improving community health, and enhancing health professional training. Journal of Interprofessional Care (in press). 

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