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Shaandro Sarkar

The Geometry of the Quantum Satisfiability Problem

Faculty mentor: Dr. Marco Aldi

Department: Mathematics & Applied Mathematics

In a nutshell: This project will explore and characterize the quantum satisfiability problem, which involves solving systems of equations in quantum variables.

In a bigger shell: The Boolean satisfiability problem is the problem of determining if a function of Boolean (true or false) variables has a solution. The quantum satisfiability problem is an extension of the Boolean satisfiability problem in which the variables can have multiple values. This project will determine relationships between the Boolean and quantum satisfiability problems as well as determine criteria for whether specific instances of the problem are solvable.

End of year goal: The end goal is to understand the relationship between Boolean and quantum satisfiability and to determine what makes an instance of the quantum satisfiability problem solvable.

A tip for others: It is important to ask questions if you are confused about a concept or to seek help if you are stuck on a proof. Often, collaborating with your mentor or your partners will help you understand the problem better.

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