Guaranteed Admission Program for Medicine Requirements

In order to retain membership in the Honors College Guaranteed Admission Program for Medicine, all Guaranteed Admission students MUST

Two semesters of calculus
Calculus-based  physics (PHYS 207-208)

Select one of the following:
Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy (BIOL 402)
Quantitative Analysis with lab (Chem 309; Chez 309; taken in same semester)

Select three of the following:
Endocrinology: Bio 524
Physiology: Bio 411 (BME majors may substitute for EGRB 209)
Immunology: Bio 455
Human Basis for Molecular Disease: Honors 398
Fundamentals of Molecular Genetics:  Bio 540
Biochemistry II: Chem 404

Revised 03.10.2020

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