Getting Residents Connected

Many students and families worry about how residents will connect with fellow rams, the campus and academics while following all COVID-19 precautions. Residential Life and Housing is committed to helping students acclimate to VCU. Below are some resources designed to help residents become connected at VCU.

Resident Assistants (RA)

RAs are peer leaders who are selected and trained to develop residential connections in our halls. Throughout the year, RAs host various opportunities for students to connect, such as floor programs, one-on-one conversations and community events. RAs serve as a great resource to help residents find connections across campus. Over the year, RAs will have intentional conversations to help suggest paths of connection to fellow residents, faculty, organizations, VCU programs and resources.

Hall Directors and Assistant Hall Directors

Hall Directors and Assistant Hall Directors are professional staff that live and work in the residence halls. They supervise the RAs, provide general hall oversight, and are an excellent resource to help students transition to college life.

Join an Organization

VCU has over 500 clubs and organizations that students can join. It is a great way to find friends that have similar interests and connect to the VCU community. Residents don’t even have to leave their hall to find an organization. VCU Residential Life and Housing offer residents the opportunity to join Community Councils, Residence Hall Association (RHA) and The National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH). To learn more about these organizations, visit our Student Leadership page.

Apply to live in a Living-Learning Community

Living-learning communities are special communities where students with shared interests and academic goals live together. Residents who are a part of these programs find it easier to build their community. To learn more about these programs, visit the Living-learning Communities page.

Educational Events

Residential Life and Housing host a variety of events to help residents develop life skills, engage with the community, find career support and academic connections.

Campus Resources 

VCU has many resources to help students connect, expand their thought process and find true well-being. To learn more about these resources, visit

Social Media

To help residents transition to VCU, Residential Life and Housing’s Instagram covers various subjects ranging from “what not to place in a microwave” to highlighting campus resources. It is a great place to get questions answered and learn more about campus and college life. Please follow us @VCU_Housing.

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