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Human Resources

Recent placements

  • Marianne Vermeer, Chief Financial and Administrative Officer, Medicines for All Institute
    • "I've joined Medicines for All at VCU at a time of great innovation and growth. It's exciting for me to be part of that process and to contribute to the impact Medicines for All can have in the world. I'm drinking from the firehose as I learn about how things work at VCU and what that means for M4ALL's work. I'm grateful for the helpful support I've received from all those I've encountered in the VCU community - thank you!"
  • Jeff Kidd, Assistant Vice President for Capital Assets and Real Estate
    • "I feel honored to be joining VCU, particularly at this time in the early stages of the ONE VCU master plan implementation. The Capital Assets and Real Estate team will play a vital role in support of this plan, which ultimately supports both the VCU and VCU Health strategic plans. My family and I are very excited to join and integrate into the Richmond community as well. The vibrant culture and rich history make Richmond a truly unique city and we’re looking forward to all it has to offer."
  • William C. Nelson Jr, Executive Director of Academic Finance and Administration
    • "As I near the end of my first six months at VCU, I must say it has been a dynamic experience - New Institution, New Position, New Colleagues, New Team and oh yes Covid-19. In the face of all that, my transition has been a fantastic journey. My colleagues at VCU have made me feel at home. With so much uncertainty it is good to feel at home. I look forward to meeting more of the VCU family and to the experiences to come."
  • Leslee Gensinger, Learning and Development Manager
    • "While I have been at VCU for 5 years, I've been in my current position as the learning and development manager in HR for only 6 months. VCU has been a place of personal and professional challenge and growth for me that I hope has turned into challenge and growth for others. I have been challenged in my thinking, the way I learn, and to broaden my experiences so I can learn from others. I have grown in my appreciation of other cultures, other paths and my personal desire to listen and learn from the people around me. At VCU I am never bored, never without support, never alone in my desire to develop and I am thankful for that every single day!"
  • Denise Laussade, University Treasurer
    • "I'm excited to be at VCU for several reasons. This is an accomplished institution; among its many traits I can note its accolades around many of its programs, a research focus spanning different sponsors across many disciplines, and a desire to serve our students and enable their success. I am now part of an administrative staff that are collaborators and problem solvers. I was most recently at another large public school, but the state rules are very different and affect the actions and decisions we make in Treasury Services every day. I've been very impressed with my new team, especially as they have so successfully managed to work-from-home so successfully. I look forward to working with them (and meeting them face to face!) once we are able to safely work on campus again. I am looking forward to feeling more connected to the university and the community as I get more settled in!"





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