The Dark and Dangerous Side of Woman Suffrage [Anti-suffrage publication]



The Dark and Dangerous Side of Woman Suffrage [Anti-suffrage publication]


A large format publication which gathers quotations from feminists and supporters of suffrage. These quotations manifest the "dark and dangerous side of woman suffrage" which is argued to be a desire for social revolution.

Subject headings for quotations include:
Downfall of the Home, Degradation of Marriage, Fatherless Children, A "Third Sex" in Politics, The Case for Woman Suffrage, The Woman's Bible, Socialism Dovetails Feminism.

From the introduction:
"Much Feminist literature is scarcely fit for publication. The following authentic quotations are selected as among the least obnoxious, to indicate, in some slight degree, the inescapable "next step" after woman suffrage.
If YOU are truly concerned with the welfare of your Family, your Children, your Country, do not make the mistake of ignoring the REAL MEANING of the demand for "Votes for Women."


Women Voters' Anti-Suffrage Party


M 71 Women's Suffrage Printed Ephemera Collection, 1860-1917, James Branch Cabell Library, VCU Libraries


Women Voters' Anti-Suffrage Party, New York.


Special Collections and Archives, James Branch Cabell Library, VCU Libraries


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