Commercialization Fund

Applications for the Spring 2021 Commercialization Fund are now open!

To submit an application, please review the qualifying criteria and follow these steps:

  1. Download the Spring 2021 CoF Application
  2. Fill out the application with as much detail as possible
  3. Submit your application via the link below

Spring 2021 CoF Application     Submit Application

Applications are due no later than 12:00pm on February 1st

Use the guide below to learn more about the Commercialization Fund and see if your work could qualify for funding.

What is the Commercialization Fund?

The Commercialization Fund is a resource dedicated to the advancement of VCU inventions. Offered in the spring and fall, the goal is to help bring projects to a more mature stage of development in order to improve their chances of being licensed and brought to market.

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What does the Commercialization Fund support?

Funding should enable the project to reach an inflection point. Funded tasks will be performed by or under the supervision of the PI, but may also include third-party efforts within or outside the university. The grants will be funded to meet agreed upon project objectives. Funding will be based on milestone completion. Overhead charges should not be included in the grant proposal. VCU Innovation Gateway does not allow funding for indirect expenses incurred at VCU or other organizations where the project's milestones may be completed.

Criteria for funding

  • The work must be directly related to a completed invention disclosure submitted to VCU Innovation Gateway prior to the submission of the funding application.
  • The proposed work is expected to make the invention available to the public faster in the form of a new product or a service.

Types of work that could be funded

  • Prototype development
  • Generation of data (animal data, etc.) for marketing of the invention
  • Development of new applications for a disclosed technology
  • Minor software coding and user interface work
  • Other work at the discretion of VCU Innovation Gateway
  • Pay students or postdoctoral fellows

Types of work that will not be funded