COVID-19 Innovation Center

The COVID-19 crisis demands new innovations and solutions to the problems that we all face.  This innovation center is a central hub for funding resources and technologies that can help combat COVID-19. The funding list includes internal and external sources: eligibility for VCU faculty, students, or outside companies may vary. The COVID-19 related technologies list includes new inventions that are directly targeted to COVID-19, as well as existing inventions that could be used or modified to fight COVID-19. VCU Innovation Gateway is offering free ready-to-execute licenses to hospitals and industry partners to use and/or manufacture these inventions and related products in the COVID-19 pandemic. VCU Innovation Gateway endorses and it is licensing technologies applied to COVID-19 under the terms of the COVID-19 Technology Access Framework. VCU is also a signatory of AUTM's COVID-19 Licensing Guidelines.

Learn more about these funding resources and technologies below or contact with any questions or to discuss your interest.