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16-082, 16-088 Treatment of AtherosclerosisPartnerSTANDARD (Traditional)
Nanoparticle Delivery of Targeted Pharmaceutical and Gene Therapy Treatments for Reduction of Cholesterol

09-004F, 13-106F, 16-064F, 16-065F, 18-094F Treating Neurological Disorders Caused by Opioid Addiction – Targeting the µ Opioid ReceptorPartnerSTANDARD (Traditional)

19-108 Reducing Alcohol CravingPartnerSTANDARD (Traditional)
Using fecal matter transplant to change gut microbiota

20-086 Novel Human Chiimeritope Vaccine for EhrlichiosisPartnerSTANDARD (Traditional)
Chimeric Protein for Diagnostic and Therapeutic use in Monocytic Ehrlichiosis

20-086 Novel Canine Chiimeritope Vaccine for EhrlichiosisPartnerSTANDARD (Traditional)
Chimeric Protein for Diagnostic and Therapeutic use for Monocytic Ehrlichiosis

20-048F Native Cell Membrane Polymer Nanoparticles PartnerSTANDARD (Traditional)
Novel Molecules for Protein Isolation and Drug Discovery

12-007, 18-113, 19-014, and 19-032 Enhancing Cancer Response to Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors and Radiation TherapyPartnerSTANDARD (Traditional)

09-074 Effective Lyme Disease Chimeric Recombinant Vaccine PartnerSTANDARD (Traditional)

20-160 Cancer Immune Checkpoint Blockade PrognosticPartnerSTANDARD (Traditional)
Novel Immune Checkpoint Blockade PD-L1 Quantification

21-014 Novel cGAS TherapeuticPartnerSTANDARD (Traditional)
Small molecular degrader of Cyclic GMP-AMP synthase

21-013 Novel Minimal Circular RNAPartnerSTANDARD (Traditional)
Minimal Circular RNA for Vaccine and Therapeutic Use

20-155 Anti-microbial MaskPartnerSTANDARD (Traditional)
Protective filtering respirators for foul atmospheres

20-082F Enveloped Virus InhibitorPartnerSTANDARD (Traditional)
A synthetic, small molecule for the treatment of enveloped viruses like SARS-CoV-2

20-049F Novel Peptide for Intracellular Drug DeliveryPartnerSTANDARD (Traditional)
Cell Penetrating Peptide with Enhanced Cell Permeability

20-043 Novel Liposomal Dry Powder Aerosol Inhalation PartnerSTANDARD (Traditional)
Novel treatment for pulmonary diseases

20-042 Nano-antibiotics for the treatment of bacterial infectionsPartnerSTANDARD (Traditional)
Dendrimer-based antibiotic formulation to treat bacteria and their resistant forms for cystic fibrosis

20-034 SARS-CoV-2 Vaccination Delivery SystemPartnerSTANDARD (Traditional)
Microneedle Injection of SARS-CoV-2 DNA Fragment

20-032 Novel Drug Delivery Method for Immunotherapy TreatmentPartnerSTANDARD (Traditional)
Delivery of Potent STING Activating Nanovaccine

20-031F Personalized Immunotherapy for Cancer DormancyPartnerSTANDARD (Traditional)
Dormancy Vaccine Targeting Cancer Neoantigens

20-030 Novel SARS-CoV-2 TreatmentPartnerSTANDARD (Traditional)
ACE2 Decoy Peptide to Prevent Spike Protein Binding

20-026 (Demo) Air-Jet Nasal DPI & Interface (DEMO)PartnerSTANDARD (Traditional)
A system designed to enhance nasal drug delivery

20-026 Air-Jet Nasal DPI & InterfacePartnerSTANDARD (Traditional)
A system designed to enhance nasal drug delivery

20-022 Recombinant Chimeric Proteins & PanelsPartnerSTANDARD (Traditional)
A novel diagnosis of Lyme Disease

20-012 Dynamic FRET-based SensorsPartnerSTANDARD (Traditional)
Ultrasensitive detection of nucleic acids biomarkers

20-005F & 20-006F Positive pressure inline dry powder inhalers PartnerSTANDARD (Traditional)
High efficiency aerosol delivery for infants & children

20-003F A Novel Treatment for Niemann-Pick DiseasePartnerSTANDARD (Traditional)
Increasing SphK1 activity to prevent cell death

19-122 Type IV Pilin Genes & ProteinsPartnerSTANDARD (Traditional)
Identifying and treating Clostridium difficile disease

19-103F Prevention of Atrophy in Skeletal Muscle in Cancer PatientsPartnerSTANDARD (Traditional)
An admixture of commercially-available drugs

19-098 Pulmonary Fibrosis TreatmentPartnerSTANDARD (Traditional)
Enhanced action of melatonin-curcumin hybrid compound

19-096 Detecting and Treating Cancer CellsPartnerSTANDARD (Traditional)
Beacon and Oncotag systems targeting mutant p53 in cancer cells

19-092 Underslung load stabilizationPartnerSTANDARD (Traditional)
Stabilizing underslung loads for unmanned aerial vehicle delivery

19-080F Corneal Permeable Anti-Glaucoma Drug PartnerSTANDARD (Traditional)
Water soluble, biocompatible pilocarpine analog for treatment of angle-closure glaucoma

19-073F NLRP3 Pathway Inhibitors
Reducing neuro-inflammation in Alzheimer’s Disease

19-058 Biologics Encapsulation PartnerEASY (Express)
Rapid, one-step process for encapsulation of biologics

19-026, 19-038 Targeted Immunotherapy
IGFBP-3R agonistic monoclonal antibodies as a mono- or combinational therapy to treat cancer

18-125 Biodegradable polymeric drugs
Repeating units of chemotherapeutic agents

18-119 Refrigerated Medicine StoragePartnerSTANDARD (Traditional)
Optimized for security and temperature monitoring

18-113 Enhancing Tumor Immunotherapy
Increasing the drug response rate of cancer patients

18-094 Opioid Receptor Modulators
Novel chemicals for treatment of drug use disorder

18-091 Magnetic Ear Tag Reporter
Automated system for detection of animal behavior

18-088 Single-Molecule SensorsTest Drive
Quantitative and simultaneous detection of biomarkers

18-075 Treatment for Gulf War Illness
Targeting depression, anxiety, and cognitive impairment

18-073 Photoactivation and imaging
Properties of a platinum dye in near-IR light

18-066 DuraSafe EpiNavigatorPartnerSTANDARD (Traditional)
Pressure Sensing Epidural Needle

18-057 Pressure Sensing Endotracheal Tube
Real time monitoring of static lung compliance

18-053 Prone Play Activity CenterPartnerSTANDARD (Traditional)
Enhancing Infants’ Motor Control and Development

18-019 Synthesizing HydroxychloroquinePartnerSTANDARD (Traditional)
A high-yielding semi-continuous flow method

18-013 HCN Channel Targeting Drugs
Switching screenings from targeting Ih to Iinst channels

18-01 Predicting Preterm BirthPartnerSTANDARD (Traditional)
Vaginal microbiome composition in early pregnancy

18-001 Hip Analysis SuitePartnerSTANDARD (Traditional)Test Drive
Automated diagnostic and preoperative software

17-123 Intelligent Alarm System for Intensive Care MonitoringPartnerSTANDARD (Traditional)Test Drive

17-122 Induced Hypothermia through WIN55, 212-2 AdministrationPartnerSTANDARD (Traditional)Test Drive

17-121 Deep Tissue Microcirculation ImagingPartnerSTANDARD (Traditional)Test Drive
A non-invasive method using circularly polarized light

17-106 Tumorigenic Protein Trimming
Genetic engineering of ERAP2 for tumor clearance

17-104 Coupling Catalyst
Highly Active Graphene Based Palladium Catalysts

17-082 Low Profile Chest CompressorPartnerSTANDARD (Traditional)Test Drive

17-075F Capillary-Based Dry Powder InhalerPartnerSTANDARD (Traditional)
Improving the delivery of pharmaceutical aerosols

17-074 High-Efficiency Delivery of Aerosols to InfantsPartnerSTANDARD (Traditional)
A more effective method for aerosol delivery

17-049 Anatomically Accurate Brain PhantomPartnerSTANDARD (Traditional)
Experimental verification for neuromodulation

17-029 Wearable Cardiac Arrest Detection DevicePartnerSTANDARD (Traditional)
A Faster way to save your life.

17-006 DenTimolPartnerSTANDARD (Traditional)
An improved delivery system for glaucoma therapy

16-083 Microbiome Based Treatment for Cirrhosis PatientsPartnerEASY (Express)Test Drive

16-082, 16-088 Antiatherogenic Gene TherapyPartnerSTANDARD (Traditional)
Reversing cholesterol transport & reducing plaque

16-072 Novel Treatment for Bacterial VaginosisPartnerSTANDARD (Traditional)

16-064 Treatment for Drug AddictionPartnerSTANDARD (Traditional)
Potent and Selective Mu Opioid Receptor Modulators

16-057 Guide Wire Retention DevicePartnerSTANDARD (Traditional)Test Drive

16-046 Tissue handling skills trainer
Training tool for proper suturing techniques

16-041 Treatment of Myocardial InfarctionPartnerSTANDARD (Traditional)
Using protein from human plasma to reduce infarct size

15-079 Head and Neck Positioning Device for RadiotherapyPartnerSTANDARD (Traditional)
Radiation-translucent Platform for Multi-Landmark Setup in Head and Neck Radiotherapy

15-032 Puff Topography DevicePartnerSTANDARD (Traditional)
Measuring E-cigarette Airflow

14-089 Palladium Catalysts for C-H ReactionsPartnerSTANDARD (Traditional)Test Drive
Improved methods for API synthesis

14-088 Novel Synthetic Method for Producing TelmisartanPartnerSTANDARD (Traditional)Test Drive

14-041 MECO Fixation SystemPartnerEASY (Express)Test Drive
A surgical solution for midfoot arthrodesis

14-027 Hands Free Breastfeeding Aid: The NuzziPartnerSTANDARD (Traditional)

14-025 Radiation Protective HeadwearPartnerEASY (Express)Test Drive

14-017 Effective Rehab Using a Wireless Data SystemPartnerSTANDARD (Traditional)

14-002 Novel Ligands for Serotonin Receptor 2B (5-HT2B)PartnerSTANDARD (Traditional)

13-106, 16-003 Treatment of Opioid Induced ConstipationPartnerSTANDARD (Traditional)

13-091 Haptic Glucometer GuidePartnerEASY (Express)Test Drive
Independence for visually impaired diabetics

13-088 Efficient Synthesis of PyridinesPartnerSTANDARD (Traditional)Test Drive
Cost effective ingredients for pharmaceuticals

13-087, 19-019F Novel Anti-Cancer Stem Cell Agents PartnerSTANDARD (Traditional)

13-031 Novel Inhibitors of InflammasomePartnerSTANDARD (Traditional)
A new class of anti-inflammatory drugs and their potential to limit injury

13-022, 14-085 Wireless & Implantable Taste SystemPartnerEASY (Express)Test Drive
A device for those with an impaired or loss sense of taste

12-111 Microstructures of SilkPartnerSTANDARD (Traditional)
Renewable materials for tissue engineering scaffolds

12-092 Effectors of Hemoglobin for Enhanced Oxygen and Nitric Oxide DeliveryPartnerSTANDARD (Traditional)
Simultaneous Tissue Delivery & Enhanced Bioavailability of Oxygen and Nitric Oxide

12-089 Detecting Segmentation and Fracture in CT ImagesPartnerSTANDARD (Traditional)
A novel method to diagnose traumatic pelvic injuries

12-071 Clickable PolymersPartnerEASY (Express)Test Drive
A novel modular drug delivery platform

12-063 Richmond Agitation-Sedation Scale (RASS)PartnerEASY (Express)

12-049 Targeting DENND1A Isoform 2PartnerSTANDARD (Traditional)
A novel therapeutic target for polycystic ovary syndrome

12-008 Novel Cancer TreatmentPartnerSTANDARD (Traditional)

11-111, 14-001 A Tick Disease Vaccine, Therapeutic, and DiagnosticPartnerSTANDARD (Traditional)

11-091 Novel Factor XIa Inhibitors for use as an AnticoagulantPartnerEASY (Express)Test Drive

11-068 Organ Protectant SolutionsPartnerSTANDARD (Traditional)

10-092, 12-105 Increasing the Oral Bioavailability of Opioids and Phenolic BioactivesPartnerSTANDARD (Traditional)
Uses of Combinations of GRAS and Dietary Substances

10-061 HyperhalogensPartnerSTANDARD (Traditional)Test Drive
A new class of highly electronegative species

10-033 Tibiotalar Arthrodesis Guide (TAG)PartnerEASY (Express)Test Drive
A guide for accurate and reproducible ankle arthrodesis

10-027 SIPPC: Self-Initiated Prone Progressive CrawlerPartnerSTANDARD (Traditional)

09-092 Novel AIT Therapy for the Treatment of Breast CancerPartnerEASY (Express)Test Drive

09-075 Novel Treatment for Asthma and Autoimmune DiseasesPartnerEASY (Express)Test Drive