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Contract Templates

Human resources professionals/associates are responsible for preparing and issuing new contracts and contract renewals to their respective faculty. Faculty contract renewals are typically issued in May (for 9/10-month faculty) and in June (for 12-month faculty) in accordance with the university's Faculty Salary Administration and Bonus Award Calendar. Human resources professionals and administrators are provided with contract templates and a "Terms and Conditions" document by the Office of Faculty Recruitment and Retention, which accompany all faculty contracts.

NOTE: For the 2021-2022 academic year, contract templates, contract renewal instructions, and terms and conditions documents were issued via email and will not be published here; if you do not have these items, or need guidance on a specific template, please contact Whitney Brown in the Office of Faculty Recruitment & Retention. Summer and intersession contract templates for adjuncts remain unchanged from last year and are available below. Most of the rest of the previous year's contract templates have been removed.


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