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Faculty Separations

Faculty have a professional obligation to provide notice of resignation at the earliest possible opportunity in order to provide for a smooth transition and to not disrupt academic or administrative operations. Resignations should normally be given at least three months prior to the separation date, which would usually become effective at the end of an academic year (e.g. May 15 or June 30). Notice of resignations should be provided to the immediate supervisor with a copy to that person's supervisor. 

HR professionals and administrators should follow HR's Guidelines for Separating Faculty and Staff for separating faculty, and should also send a copy of the faculty member's resignation letter to the Office of Faculty Recruitment and Retention.

  • Faculty Exit Surveys: As part of the faculty separation process, HR Professionals/Associates are expected to encourage faculty to complete the online faculty exit survey (prior to separation) by sending them the link. The exit survey is intended to identify ways to improve support for faculty and assess the overall faculty experience. Information provided through the survey is confidential and responses will only be used to collect aggregate data. Before submitting the survey, employees can indicate if they wish to speak directly with a member of VCU Faculty Affairs. VCU Faculty Affairs reviews responses to monitor trends in faculty satisfaction. 
  • Faculty Resignations: See section 3.3.4 of the VCU Faculty Handbook for information on faculty resignations
  • Faculty Terminations: See section 11.0 of the faculty P&T policy for termination of tenured faculty

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