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Special considerations

Special considerations for an alternative work arrangement for telework can be made. If the arrangement involves telework, it must address the following:

  • If the arrangement involves telework, it must address the following:
  • If equipment is necessary to complete duties, who is providing and who is responsible for such equipment?
  • Is the employee reimbursed for work-related expenses pursuant to the same rules and procedures as would apply in the traditional work environment? Exceptions should be stated.
  • Nonexempt employees are required to record all hours worked. Hours in excess of the standard workweek, or in excess of the hours to be worked, if different from the standard workweek, must be authorized by the manager in advance in writing.
  • A non-exempt employee that works over 40 hours per workweek must be compensated for additional hours worked (either by overtime pay or overtime leave).
  • The authorized offsite worksite is considered an extension of the employee’s office space in the traditional work environment.
  • Health or family needs should be addressed through the Family and Medical Leave Act, the Virginia Sickness and Disability Program, Workers’ Compensation or other laws or policies meant to address such issues.
  • There is a strong presumption against granting a request for telework if there are conditions that would reasonably be deemed to interfere with the employee’s capacity to dedicate full-time attention to work (e.g., caregiving in the home). However, other types of alternative work arrangements may be feasible.

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