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Mentoring is a key factor in employee retention and engagement. Offering mentorship communicates to employees that the university is invested and committed to their career growth, and employees benefit from an established relationship in the VCU community. A mentoring program is coordinated and managed by VCU Human Resources and is designed to connect VCU employees to share their best practices and experiences in navigating their career journey. This sponsored program provides mentor and mentee recruitment, selection, matching, orientation, and a consultation process. The program staff develop program documentation, participant expectations and evaluation activities. Mentors and mentees are supported by mentoring liaisons, who provide guidance, tools, and suggestions for the mentoring partners. Mentoring partnerships take place through (1) career communities, for those in job families who want to engage with others specifically within that field and (2) through enrolling in the HR sponsored program.

All VCU Classified and University employees may apply to become a mentor or mentee within the HR sponsored mentoring program. Classified and University employees are eligible to serve as mentees and classified, University employees and faculty members are eligible to serve as mentors. The mentoring process includes a mentor/mentee application and matching step; orientation; goal and meeting agreements; completion of surveys throughout the match; check-ins with mentoring liaisons; and a yearly celebration.  


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